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09/ Start-ups & Business Plans 

Start-ups & Business Plans.

Pennfords' ensure that your start-up begins on the right foot by providing due consideration and analysis to all legal, business and financial aspects. We will provide you with comprehensive analysis and strategy to implement your plans successfully. The process involves gathering information about your business from an initial questionnaire and follow-up questions. Our plan touches upon at minimum;

  1. Executive Summary,

  2. Mission/Vision Statement,

  3. Strategy & Business Policy,

  4. Company Description,

  5. Market Research & Analysis,

  6. Competition Research,

  7. Product/Service Research,

  8. Financial Projections,

  9. Initial & On-Going Projections,

  10. Marketing/Sales Strategy,

  11. SWOT Analysis,

  12. Legal Analysis & Research,

  13. Implementation and Plausibility Study,

  14. Risk Management,

  15. Milestones.

A bespoke strategy will be drafted tailored to the intended audience. We have extensive experience drafting professional business plans for all corporate requirements, obtaining licenses, attracting investors, funding and large scale projects. This could also be targeted towards the following bodies and institutions in which Pennfords' can professionally represent your company or brand:

  1. Banks,

  2. Investors,

  3. Official bodies,

  4. Financial institutions,

  5. Company incorporation/start-ups,

  6. Licensing,

  7. Shareholders,

  8. Regulators,

  9. Any other party that requests a business plan.

We encourage you to contact one of our specialists for a free initial consultation to assess your requirements. With all bookings you can expect a full summary, legal opinion, recommendations and next steps to accomplish your goals.

Pennfords' focuses on providing clients with comprehensive legal and corporate assistance. Our specialists have the capacity to come on board and handle all aspects from start to finish while acting on your behalf with a view to successfully strategising and implementing your plans. Clients can select our services to establish their plans or to remain on-board as to ensure on-going efficiency. For more information on the specialist services we can offer please select one of the categories or contact one of our agents.

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