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Representation Services

01/ Legal & Corporate Representation, Administration & Management

Pennsfords provide bespoke representation services by bringing our clients plans to fruition. We have experience in taking our clients ideas and comprehensively planning and fulfilling all operations on their behalf. We ensure that all legal, corporate, financial, operational and business aspects are accounted for, meticulously strategized, researched and professionally executed. 

Pennfords' represent projects or businesses and acts on their behalf for all application processes and liaising with all relevant persons and legal entities including but not limited to; authorities, public bodies, institutions, banks and investors. Pennfords' will remain by your side until completion while actively keeping you informed on a regular basis. Clients may opt to maintain our on-going presence in their businesses or projects to ensure they continue to operate efficiently. We encourage you to book a free initial consultation as to discuss your plans and establish how Pennfords' can assist you.

Legal & Corporate Representation, Administration & Management.

Pennfords' act as the face of clients projects or businesses and provide comprehensive representation for all aspects of successful establishing and efficiently maintaining a business or project. We take the driving seat and act as the powerhouse of all operations, professionally handling all aspects and correspondences to successfully launch you towards your goals. We boast an exceptionally high success rate for all corporate, legal and banking matters. Pennfords' also assists with specialised projects and businesses including:


  1. Funds & Trusts,

  2. Specialised Licensed activities, 

  3. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency related business,

  4. All types of European and International Incorporations.  

The key towards Pennfords' success stems from our experience, knowledge, confidentiality, trust and complete transparency with our clients. Dependent on the complexity of the specific project, we offer our services within a fixed, set budget and directly provide our clients invoices for all external costs such as incorporation fees, banking application fees, etc,. Pennfords' provides all the legal and corporate services that a business or individual may require which within the bigger picture are overall cost effective and time saving, including but not limited to:

  • Analysis, Organization & Research: Our specialists analyse our clients intentions and create a bespoke plan of action which we fulfill on their behalf. We take pride in organizing both simple and complex matters and spearheading all operations, providing our clients the highest chances of success at an efficient and fast pace.


  • Corporate & Banking Recommendations & Application Assistance: including comprehensive professional research, legal and corporate recommendations, full preparation of applications, the creation of professional strategies and business plans necessary for applications, due diligence collection, submissions, full correspondence with relevant bodies, etc. 


  • Licensing Assistance: Pennfords' provide comprehensive research and application assistance for a wide range of European and International licenses including specialised items such as Financial Licenses, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Licenses, etc.

  • Liasoning & Correspondence on behalf of our clients with all types of Banks, Authorities, Institutions, Regulatory Bodies and others.


  • Other Services included in our Representation:

  1. Legal & Corporate Advice,

  2. Legal Opinion & Recommendations,

  3. Drafting & Reviewing of Documents,

  4. Researching Services,

  5. Preparation of Company Documents,

  6. Daily Reporting.

  • On-going Administration & Management: From setting up and throughout operations, we provide the support you need to manage all on-going business, legal and regulatory aspects of your company. Regulatory requirements are becoming more and more complex with every company needing to be compliant with global and local legislation to practice sound governance at all times. Our specialists handle all of the administration of your company at whatever stage your company may be. Our services include, but are not limited to;

  1. Appointment of internal legal adviser providing assistance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis,

  2. Secretarial correspondence with parties, investors, clients, banks, officials and authorities,

  3. Provision of registered legal address,

  4. Establishing offices,

  5. Office administration,

  6. Corporate secretary services,

  7. Maintaining statutory records,

  8. Organising shareholders meetings,

  9. Organising board meetings,

  10. Preparing legal and corporate documentation (Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Power of Attorney, etc.),

  11. Professional nominee service (Shareholder, Director, Partner),

  12. Notarization and apostilled certification of a set of company's documents,

  13. Accounting services and book keeping,

  14. Preparation of annual returns,

  15. Audit and filing of tax statements,

  16. Obtaining certificates of good standing and incumbency,

  17. And whatever else is required in the specific instance.


Our bespoke services are tailored around transparency and fairness and is achieved by coming on-board your team in the capacity best suited to each particular project. We encourage you to contact one of our specialists for a free initial consultation to assess your requirements. With all bookings you can expect a full summary, legal opinion, recommendations and next steps to accomplish your goals.

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