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08/ Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions.

Our approach will not just be about getting the deal done. Our specialists take the time to understand the complete transaction and your needs. As each client’s needs are different we offer tailored options to achieve a successful outcome.


Pennfords' provides multinational corporations, privately held companies and sovereign governments with advice and execution. With a steady commitment to further a client’s long term-strategic goals, our Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) Analysts help identify and assess promising business combinations and guide clients through the often complex mechanics of these transactions. Our M&A Analysts and Advisers can assist in:​

  1. Establishing acquisitions criteria,

  2. Searching candidates,

  3. Evaluating the potential candidate,

  4. Negotiation the acquisition terms,

  5. Financing the acquisition.

Sale of Companies: ​The sale of a business, a portion of equity in that business or a divestiture can be extremely demanding both for its owners and management. Identifying appropriate buyers at the right time, the right terms and price requires experienced professionals who can call upon industry and functional specialists whenever needed.


Our M&A Analysts & Advisors can provide this level of expertise and service so that clients benefit from our careful preparation, creative marketing and attention to detail during the sales process. We provide these services to both privately held and public company clients. Additionally, we can access a wide range of potential buyers and look to our client-base and professional contracts for strategic financial and international candidates. Most importantly, we provide an integrated team of experts dedicated to the traction, who possess the right experience, knowledge and presence in the marketplace to optimise the sale. Our approach to the selling process is designed to ensure confidentiality, minimize disruption and encourage a healthy but competitive environment to bring our clients the highest price with the most favourable terms.


Assessment of Transaction Alternatives: Our advisors gain a clear understanding of our clients’ strategic goals so that we can advise on the alternatives, whether it may be a sale, recapitalisation or spin-off.


Preliminary Valuation: Using information about the client’s company, the current market and the industry will estimate the range or the market values of our client’s business based upon various valuation techniques, including analyses of comparable companies, comparable company transactions, discounted cash flows, leveraged buyout models and others as appropriate. 


Marketing: We tailor the marketing strategy to the unique characteristics of our client’s transactions. For this reason, the form of sale can range from a controlled multi-step auction to a privately negotiated transaction. We then prepare the sales memorandum, identify potential buys and solicit their interest and initial bids.​


Business Review Process: We co-ordinate the sales process, including site visits by potential purchasers, management discussions and negotiations of a final offer.


Closing: During final negotiations, it is important to co-ordinate the activities of the buyer, seller, legal counsel and other advisors. During closing, we help clients with formal transfers of ownership, execution of the conveyance documents and the transfer of funds.


Transaction Advice: The structuring and execution of an acquisition strategy is a significant endeavour for any company and doing it effectively can be demanding and time-consuming. Our M&A analysts can serve as a company’s advisors, managing and coordinating the entire process, including target identification and negotiations for favourable terms towards a successful closing.​


Strategy Development: Identification and definition of the acquisition strategies which best suit client’s long-term goals and translation of these into defined search matrix.


Target Search: Our extensive network of contracts, clients and information databases allows for identification and analysis of potential acquisition candidates.


Entering the Market: Targeted candidate approach on behalf of the client with a view to uncovering any potential interest.


Valuation: Analysis of the appropriate range for the target and impact of the acquisition of purchase accounting, tax allocation, lender financing, earnings, cash flow, shareholder value and other issues.


Business Review: Professional due diligence in order to evaluate the target’s strengths and weakness and the potential impact on the purchase price.​


Bid Strategy, Deal Structuring, Financial Advisory: Assisting clients to gain from the most advantageous price, maximising shareholder equity, structuring and negotiating the purchase agreement and, where appropriate, utilising the most cost-effective financial instruments for the optimal deal structure.


We advise buyers and sellers at every stage of the transaction conducting due diligence, drawing up the necessary plans and reports, prepare for general meetings,  resolutions and deal with registrations in the Commercial Register, draft the necessary agreements and obtain all necessary licenses from public authorities and handle registrations.


We encourage you to contact one of our specialists for a free initial consultation to assess your requirements. With all bookings you can expect a full summary, legal opinion, recommendations and next steps to accomplish your goals.​​

Pennfords' focuses on providing clients with comprehensive legal and corporate assistance. Our specialists have the capacity to come on board and handle all aspects from start to finish while acting on your behalf with a view to successfully strategising and implementing your plans. Clients can select our services to establish their plans or to remain on-board as to ensure on-going efficiency. For more information on the specialist services we can offer please select one of the categories or contact one of our agents.

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