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07/ EU & International Residency & Tax Planning

European & International Residency & Tax Planning.

International Residency

Pennfords' can help you plan your permanent residency, citizenship, optimize your taxation and global mobility through an international selection of Residence Permits, Alternative Citizenship and Second Passport with our innovative and tailor made programs and services. We work closely with government agencies in order to ensure a smooth and transparent process for our clients.

Our specialists ensure that clients are given unbiased, expert advise and offered a wide range of the best option which are tailored for all future plans. As governments adapt and change their programs, we follow the market closely and work with numerous different residency and citizenship by investment programs in order to find the best solution to meet our clients needs.

Pennfords' functions completely independently and we do not represent or market any specific country, program or real estate project.

​Tax Planning

International tax regulations are constantly changing and planning can be complex, especially when the legislation of several jurisdictions has to be aligned and there are many fundamental and practical issues to be considered before a proper and solid decision can be made.

We combine the expertise of our worldwide network of specialist lawyers, tax consultants, investment advisors and other professionals who are experts in their fields to provide you with excellent advice and services.


International Tax Advice

For both private clients with asset-managing structures and commercial companies, we offer expert advisory services in national and international tax law. We provide individual recommendations for optimisation and concepts for existing or new structures.


Asset Structuring and Financial Planning

We provide advice on how best to structure your assets and define an investment strategy tailored to your investment goals, your risk profile and your investment horizon. In the process, we take into account the types of assets and your place of residence, and offer support in your financial planning.


We offer advice on legal and tax structures, on double taxation agreements and the consequences arising from special agreements such as the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the automatic exchange of information (AEOI).

We encourage you to contact one of our specialists for a free initial consultation to assess your requirements. With all bookings you can expect a full summary, legal opinion, recommendations and next steps to accomplish your goals.

Pennfords' focuses on providing clients with comprehensive legal and corporate assistance. Our specialists have the capacity to come on board and handle all aspects from start to finish while acting on your behalf with a view to successfully strategising and implementing your plans. Clients can select our services to establish their plans or to remain on-board as to ensure on-going efficiency. For more information on the specialist services we can offer please select one of the categories or contact one of our agents.

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