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02/ Corporate Governance & Compliance

Corporate Governance & Compliance.

Compliance requirements worldwide are changing at a rapid pace. We assist clients to navigate around the complex laws and regulations ensuring that we identify and manage regulatory risk. Pennfords' assist in handling regulatory requirements and ensure organizational awareness of rules, regulations and policies relevant to the business operations of our clients.


Pennfords' provide a number of day to day compliance services including regulatory reporting, assisting in complying with regulatory requirements and advise on anti-money laundering, establishing and implementing compliance policies and routines, ethical guidelines, educating key personnel, performing compliance audits, detecting potential risks and violations, GDPR satisfaction, as well as interacting with, and responding to, enquiries from authorities.

We encourage you to contact one of our specialists for a free initial consultation to assess your requirements.

Pennfords' focuses on providing clients with comprehensive legal and corporate assistance. Our specialists have the capacity to come on board and handle all aspects from start to finish while acting on your behalf with a view to successfully strategising and implementing your plans. Clients can select our services to establish their plans or to remain on-board as to ensure on-going efficiency. For more information on the specialist services we can offer please select one of the categories or contact one of our agents.

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