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Representation Services

02/ Banking Assistance

Pennsfords provide bespoke representation services by bringing our clients plans to fruition. We have experience in taking our clients ideas and comprehensively planning and fulfilling all operations on their behalf. We ensure that all legal, corporate, financial, operational and business aspects are accounted for, meticulously strategized, researched and professionally executed. 

Pennfords' represent projects or businesses and acts on their behalf for all application processes and liaising with all relevant persons and legal entities including but not limited to; authorities, public bodies, institutions, banks and investors. Pennfords' will remain by your side until completion while actively keeping you informed on a regular basis. Clients may opt to maintain our on-going presence in their businesses or projects to ensure they continue to operate efficiently. We encourage you to book a free initial consultation as to discuss your plans and establish how Pennfords' can assist you.

Banking Assistance.

Pennfords' facilitates the opening and maintenance of a range of corporate and personal banking options through our network of reputable contacts across major local and international banks. Our advisors ensure we recommend the most suitable institutions for our clients based on their specific needs and provide detailed information. Upon selection, one of our specialists fully undertakes the opening of the account on behalf of our clients. The professional services Pennfords' offer include:

  • Banking Recommendations,

  • Personal & Corporate Bank Account Application Fulfillment,

  • Specialist Bank Account Applications (Cryptocurrency, Funds, Trusts, Forex/Brokerage, etc.),

  • Loan Applications,

  • Establishing & Maintaining Payment Processing Services,

  • Treasury Services.

Application Process Fulfillment 

Our specialists professionally prepare all applications, paperwork and liaise with the banks on behalf of our clients, ensuring the highest chances of success. Creating bespoke professional business strategies, business plans and corporate documents to guarantee the highest chances of success for the application process. During the application process, our specialists will fully represent our clients and handle all affairs relating to the process including all correspondences with the banks.

Working with a large number of banks across the globe, Pennfords' are specialists in preparing all necessary documentation for obtaining personal, corporate and specialised bank accounts. The banks’ main concern is the compliance risks related to KYC (Know Your Customer), source of funds and money laundering. This is why we will assess your compliance procedures and assist you in designing a robust KYC/AML (Anti-Money Laundering) process to ensure that our banking partners will be comfortable in opening the account.


We encourage you to contact one of our specialists for a free initial consultation to assess your requirements. With all bookings you can expect a full summary, legal opinion, recommendations and next steps to accomplish your goals.

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